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Camp Descriptions

Below are detailed descriptions of each of the summer camps offered at CSA Camps.

Please refer to the Summer Camp Listing for dates, times, locations and staffing.

All camps are open to players at all levels; however, recreational level camps are recommended for beginners.
Competitive level camps will have a stronger emphasis on personal skill development, technique and/or tactics and are targeted at players that wish to improve their game, including those recreational-level players that are planning to attend competitive team tryouts in May. 

Technical and Tactical Camp

This camp is designed for those looking to develop their technical and tactical abilities. Each day players will work to develop the technical skills necessary to be successful in all facets of the game including individual skills, finishing and defending. The camp is also designed to coincide the technical skills with tactical training sessions that can help players better understand their roles on the soccer field. Players will be divided into age and skill-appropriate training groups. The camp will help develop the full range of skills and knowledge needed to be successful on the soccer field.

Elite Youth Camp

The Elite Youth Soccer camp focuses on player development in all aspects of the game. Players will be provided with an encouraging learning environment that integrates physical and mental challenges to help players grow in the game of soccer. The Elite Youth Camp will focus on improving each players individual skill level and confidence in a developmentally appropriate setting. The camp focuses on building each players technical skills (dribbling, passing and defending and finishing) and providing fun and engaging small-sided games and activities to allow players to practice the skills they are learning in a competitive setting.

BMW Sports Elite Camp

Both individuals and teams are welcome to participate in each camp. All levels of players are welcome; boys and girls. All players will be grouped according to their age and ability in order to provide a competitive environment. These camps are designed to improve a player’s technical ability and comfort on the ball. Each director has their own specialized approach at each camp, which makes the camps unique and an annual favorite for all players. Each camp is geared to the specific age group and is designed to cover all aspects of the game in a fun, enjoyable environment. The camps will have their annual competitions and prizes will be awarded to camp winners and MVPs.

Ball Mastery Camps

These camps are designed to make a player comfortable and confident on the ball. These camps will make your touch, control, coordination and speed improve both on and off the ball. You will be fitter, faster and more effective on the ball. The camp is designed to help you be more efficient in 1 v 1 situations with the various moves, fakes and feints you will learn. We will make you more creative when taking a player on. We will have various "skills of the day" competitions and prizes for the winners.

Recreation Elite Camp
The Recreation Elite Camps are open to all players between the ages of 5 and 13 that are currently playing at a recreation level or are interested in trying soccer for the very first time. Players will be grouped according to age and ability and go through a series of stations focusing on a technique for each day. The camp will make players more comfortable and confident on the ball with various games and competitions throughout the week. Prizes will be awarded to camp winners and MVPs.

Goalkeeping and Striker Camp

The Goalkeeping and Strikers Camp caters to all goalkeepers from beginners to advanced. Campers will go through five days of detailed curriculum, including shot stopping, basic handling, angle play, crosses/high balls, and distribution. Campers will also play small sided games each day, implementing these skills into game-type situations. Strikers attending the camp will learn the core techniques of striking the ball better from various distances from the goal and various angles. We will make you a more proficient finisher and goal scorer with the various sessions incorporated through the week.

Becoming a Better Defender and Midfielder Camp

This camp is designed to be position specific to help defenders and midfielders become more proficient in their chosen position. We will help defenders be stronger in 1 v 1 situations,  more comfortable on the ball, and more technically sound working on their distribution playing out of the back. Midfielders will work on being more creative on the ball and, like the defenders, work on their techniques with various passing and receiving sessions. This camp will help develop the full range of skills needed to be a standout/creative midfield player.

Dynamic Speed and Agility Camp - Presented by Architech Sports Performance, a CSA Partner
Dynamic Speed and Agility Camp is designed to enhance the players' speed, agility, running mechanics (technique) and explosive power through dynamic workouts, plyometric workouts, core training and explosion workouts. Players will be grouped by age and ability going  through specific speed workouts that apply directly to game related scenarios. Players will  see gains in overall speed, acceleration, reaction time, foot speed, and recovery time. There is no doubt that SPEED WINS. Don't be left behind! This camp is staffed by Architech Sports Performance personnel. It is not intended as a soccer skills camp.